Welcome to my Cel Gallery. I have been collecting cels for 7+ years and am a long time anime and manga fan.

I mainly collect cels from Sailor Moon, Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin, Armitage, and Devil Hunter Yohko.

*NOTE* Some cel descriptions may contain series spoilers!

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8/25/2010Added three Fushigi Yuugi cels and six Sailor Moon cels I have acquired the last few years, but never got around to adding to my gallery.

I just adore all of the ones I've added with this update, but some of these cels are extra special because they are huge wishlist cels for me: Serenity from the R Movie, Serenity from Episode 200, a stunning Haruka/Michiru cel, and a gorgeous cel of Nakago.

I will have a new Nakago cel arriving soon, so look for one more small update before the month is over. :)

2/22/2007Added three new Ayashi no Ceres cels. Finally have Tooya cels (two gorgeous ones) and a really beautiful and emotional Chidori one. ^_^
2/4/2006After not getting any new cels in over a year, I treated myself to a new Yohko and Armitage cel. For the moment, I have the small pictures of them from the store. Once they arrive I'll scan them :)
12/31/2004I added the two new cels I won (uploading the auction pics for now, will replace with better scans as soon as they arrive ^_^). They are both gorgeous!

Happy New Year! ^_^


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Title Last Updated
Armitage (2) 2/4/2006
Ayashi no Ceres (9) 2/22/2007
Devil Hunter Yohko (3) 2/4/2006
Fan Cels (1) 7/9/2003
Fushigi Yuugi (6) 8/25/2010
Marmalade Boy (3) 12/31/2004
Rurouni Kenshin (1) 12/28/2004
Sailor Moon (10) 8/25/2010
Slayers (3) 7/9/2003
Vampire Princess Miyu (1) 7/17/2003

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Gallery Created: 3/3/2003

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